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iOS is the platform of choice for outstanding user experience. Rich media libraries, powerful animation systems, and breathtaking display clarity combine to deliver a intuitive and consistent user experience that is second to none. A wealth of useful software components provided by Apple make achieving common goals easy and extravagant goals realistic.

Android provides maximum flexibility on a mobile device. Android applications provide lifecycle models and system-level access that are impossible to achieve on the more guarded iOS. Android devices typically offer higher raw-power numbers for memory, CPU and graphics. If your deployed software needs to be totally unencumbered, Android is the way to go.

Mobile Web Applications span the entire mobile device space. A unified code base makes software maintenance much simpler than a fleet of native apps. For achieving simple user input and output, there’s no beating the cost-to-gain ratio of a Mobile Web Application. But beware, targeting multiple devices at once sounds alluring, but advanced system integration such as retrieving calendar or photo album data may not be available on all devices.

Choices mater. There are more Android phones in the wild than there are iPhones. Yet there are more iOS devices in the wild than Android! Apple has dominated the tablet and mobile gaming markets with iPad and iPod Touch. Superior UX and developer support from iOS make it a far more attractive platform for media consumption and games. Think carefully about the capabilities of the device that you really need. Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily.

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