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Privacy Statement

IAM Apps is committed to your privacy and security. We do not share, sell, or distribute our customer lists. Furthermore, we do not work with any special affiliate partners, associate companies, or sister companies that may market to you in some way. Your business with us will not result in email, phone, or postal-based marketing offers. We do send out some emails. Registered users may receive periodic email messages from us about product updates and how these updates may impact the way you use IAM Apps products. The frequency of these emails depends on which IAM Apps product you use and when updates become available. Our emails are plain information notices without graphics. Under no circumstances will we send you random, non-specific advertising messages unrelated to your IAM Apps products. Our web site doe not track your activities after you leave our site. We do not attempt to collect information about your identity and/or email address during your visit. We have no direct, indirect, or automated contact with any sites regarding your identity. We do not track, share, sell, or distribute your email address if you write us with an inquiry or support question. Your inquiries with us will not result in email or phone-based marketing offers. No software of ours contains any hidden installations of other software. Furthermore, none of our software uses, "spyware"-type behavior or routines to track your surfing habits or identify you in any way, shape, or form. None of our software contains any live advertisement routines that link back to any internet server. Our documentation does have clickable links in various places that take you to different locations in our web site. However, these are nothing more than a standard link for software-related information. If you place an order with us we may collect the following information: Name, Company Name (if applicable), postal address, and Email address. The information is used for transaction approval and is a requirement for sustaining individual web account information. We also safeguard against unauthorized disclosure of your personal information by employees. Only select staffers have access to our primary database.