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NutriTiming™ is the only iPhone and iPod touch program providing a revolutionary way to track your “Within Day Energy Balance”—a system used by Olympic, professional and other elite athletes from all over the world. Developed by top sports nutritionist, Dr. Dan Benardot, the within-day energy balance strategy is now available to the general public. Through NutriTiming™, you can now achieve REAL TIME, individualized calorie and activity guidance that will enhance your weight loss, nutrition, body composition, and performance goals.

Energy balance has traditionally been assessed over periods of 24 hours, but this 24-hour assessment fails to consider the fluctuations in energy balance that occur on an hourly basis, which can influence your body’s response to calories. Measuring within-day energy balance in real time resolves this problem. By staying within the prescribed energy balance boundaries (+ or – 400 calories during the day), you can target fat loss and spare muscle mass, improve athletic performance, avoid low blood sugar that can make you feel less alert and too hungry, and improve your attention span and sense of well-being.

NutriTiming™ helps you match on an hourly basis your actual need for calories with your present rate of calorie usage. The right amount at the right time means a leaner you with NutriTiming™.

Reports & Graphs

Know when and how much to eat in real time by viewing a simple graph to determine whether your energy balance is too high or to low (higher than + 400 or lower than -400).

Use simple graphs to review end-of-day energy balance. To lower your body fat level, you should end the day with an energy deficit of between -100 to -400 calories. To increase muscle mass, you should do resistance activity and end the day with an energy surplus of between + 100 to + 400 calories.

Turn the device sideways to review REAL TIME within-day energy balance graphs. Make certain you spend the day in the ‘green zone’.


  • Easy to enter food items
  • More than 4,500+ food and restaurant items from the latest (version 21) of the USDA nutrient database
  • Store frequently consumed meals for later faster and easier food selection
  • Works with any exercise because it uses the relative intensity of activity to predict calories expended
  • Easy and fast user interface for entering foods and activities.

What makes it so great?

  • Proven by more than 15 years of laboratory work and research on elite athletes
  • REAL TIME tracking of calories both consumed and expended lets you know WHEN and HOW MUCH to eat
  • Customized to your age, gender, and body weight
  • No special foods needed or eliminated
  • Safe for any age
  • Healthy, well-rounded diet
  • Lose weight while maintaining healthy body composition
  • OPTIMIZE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, by avoiding the huge energy dips so often associated with exercise.
  • No suffering – users feel better while accomplishing their weight loss, nutrition, and performance goals

For questions and for a list of references related to within-day energy balance, go to nutritiming.com.

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NutriTiming was built by IAM Apps for Calorie & Pulse LLC.
For more information on NutriTiming, visit nutritiming.com