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Paper Fish

Have you ever wanted to see fish swim around your desktop? Paper Fish is not a screen saver; the paper-thin fishes swim around your active windows while you work. Make a 3D space out of your desktop and see fishes swim into the background and even peak out from around your windows. A realistic swimming motion brings the fish to life. Paper Fish is the ultimate in desktop entertainment.


  • Two styles of fish — wrinkled paper and smooth paper
  • Three window overlap modes means the fish can swim where you want, either in front of your windows or beside them
  • Use the Inspector window to examine the 3D space created by your desktop.
  • Select the maximum number of fish you want to see
  • Select the type and size of the fishes that swim on you desktop.
  • Supports multi-screen systems

Get Paper Fish

Paper Fish is available now on OS X App Store.
Get Paper Fish for your Mac.