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Sing With The Best by Adam Kirkpatrick

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Learn to sing with the best intonation, pitch accuracy, resonance, vibrato, and vocal clarity. Sing With The Best helps you recognize your vocal strengths and weaknesses, and guides you to meaningful answers to your vocal questions. The app's inventor, Dr. Adam Kirkpatrick, will be your virtual voice teacher.


  • Pitch Display:

    Displays the note you are singing and highlights the note name in green when you are fully in tune. Sing with the best intonation and pitch accuracy!

  • 3D Spectrogram:

    Sing with the best resonance and "ping!" Amazing voice visualization displays frequency, amplitude, and time; it creates an image, mapping out your unique vocal fingerprint, and highlights the desirable bell tone harmonics of the voice in green, and noise in red.

  • Vibrato Meter:

    Indicates the presence and quality of your vibrato (Pleasing, Slow Wobble, Wide Wobble, Wide & Slow, Bleat, and Flutter). Sing with the best vibrant tone!

  • Noise Meter:

    Tracks and displays the noisiness of your tone. Sing with the best vocal clarity!

  • Record & Playback:

    Hear what you really sound like, and watch the replay. Sing with the best way to review and assess your performance!

  • Recording Archive:

    Generates a library of your recordings with a time/date stamp so you can track your vocal progress over time, or just store your favorite recordings.

  • Tutorials:

    With the touch of a button, you have free access to an ever-expanding wealth of video lessons and app tutorials by the inventor Dr. Adam Kirkpatrick. Learn to sing with the best vocal exercises and techniques for vocal mastery!

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It's available in the iTunes Store for all iOS devices.