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Talkler by Talkler Labs Inc.

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Drowning in email? Introducing Talkler, the only app for heads-up, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email. Reads your emails aloud. Listens for your voice commands. Just say, "Hey, Talkler..."

  • "Play the next email"
  • "Record a reply"
  • "Delete"
  • "Mark unread"
  • "Check for new mail"
  • Dozens more voice commands

Talkler is easier than ever to set up. And with the NEW Talkler QuickConnect: Simply enter your email & password — Talkler enters the rest of your settings for you. Including custom domains, like example@mydomain.com. Plus, NEW Hosted Exchange support! (Expert users can always customize server and port settings; ActiveSync isn't yet supported, so in-house Exchange servers must open IMAP/POP, and SMTP.) Need a hand? We're happy to help. Visit Talkler.com/help for 1-to-1 support, or email us: help@talkler.com


  • Talkler TapAnywhere™ heads-up gestures.

    No squinting at tiny buttons. TapAnywhere onscreen to pause and resume playback of your emails. Swipe anywhere to skip to the next email. Pinch anywhere to delete. As heads-up as your turn signal.

  • Talkler Teleprompter™ auto-scrolling text.

    Didn't catch that last word? No worries. Synced, auto-scrolling text is easy to read from a distance. Easy as glancing at a speedometer.

  • Talkler AudioReplies™ with Zero Typos.™

    No proofreading. No need to take your eyes off what matters. Records every inflection, and sends an audio voice reply.

  • Talkler AutoPilot.™

    Intelligent auto-continue, when all you want to do is listen.

  • Talkler QuickConnect.™

    Simply enter your email & password. Talkler enters the rest of your settings for you.

  • Raise-to-Ear Privacy Mode.™

    Like a phone call with your inbox. Lift your iPhone to your ear: the screen darkens, and volume adjusts for privacy. Automatically.

Get Talkler - Email for your Ears

It's available in the iTunes Store for all iOS devices.